Monday, September 16, 2013

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Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Getting Tiresome

If you read this blog, you know how I feel about my right to privacy and the Patriot Act. I'm a little saracastic and a little irritated, and totally confused.  The next serious violation comes from the Obama administration, again. Shame on you guys. It's getting tiresome having to defend the right to be left alone. Maybe I'm ignorant here, but shouldn't that be understood? But seriously, why is it even under question?

I loved this opinion piece.

Especially this part:
"The defense of this practice offered by Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, who as chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee is supposed to be preventing this sort of overreaching, was absurd. She said on Thursday that the authorities need this information in case someone might become a terrorist in the future."


It's a slap in the face to anyone proud to call themselves an American. How utterly un-American our government has become.

Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm Feeling Novemberish

I found this a little while ago and had to laugh. Man was I irritated.

Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm dying...

...and in tears from this stupid video. Thanks Matt for getting me through the day.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I'm so lucky to have her in my life, and even more lucky to have gotten to spend a lot of time with her lately! Love you, Shazzy!






Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's been a long time coming.

This got me choked up this morning. Click the link... you'll be glad you did.

I'm so happy these people can show the world their love. It's ridiculous it took so long.

And another link, if you didn't get choked up enough. And another link to really finish you off.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I've been so swamped lately that blogging has been impossible. Don't believe me? Think I could spare thirty minutes here or there? Well, take a freaking look at what I did yesterday and today:

Monday, October 22, 2012
6:30am alarm clock goes off
7:15am roll out of bed, extremely late (because I was up until 1am doing soccer stuff)
7:20am  finish getting dressed, go love on the kids before leaving
7:22am leave the house, go to work (yep, I got ready in 3 minutes and spent 2 mins with the kids while they eat breakfast)
7:53am arrive at work, beat boss by three mins, so it looks like I could have been here for ages (score!)
7:53-12pm work. email mom of Lucy's friend - set up play date at our house for tomorrow.
12pm lunch - do FAQs for First Book (which i volunteer for), finish editing fliers and create PDFs for Texas Book Festival, get login for updating soccer LTYA webpage. send email to volunteer organization of which i am on the board, sending in my resignation notice. i can't keep doing all the work for the group. someone else will have to step up. sorry.
1-5:30pm work (yes, I had to work late)
6pm arrive at home, let thelma leave after a few quick directions about tomorrow
6-6:30 visit with kids about what they did at school, how they behaved, who they played with, what they learned, did they eat their lunch, who had to move their color (who was bad at school), etc. continue visit through police dept trip, walk in the park, and dinner.
6:30pm Lucy, Oli, and I drive to police department to pick up donation for the Elementary carnival next weekend. the police dept is donating an official teddy bear and some pens.
7:00pm take the kids, dogs, husband for a walk in the park - Oli pouts and refuses to walk anymore. he doesn't want to sing his ABCs and he's mad at me for asking. good news - both dogs poop and pee several times!!
7:25pm dinner at the home, discuss day. thelma cooked, thank god, chicken and potatoes - delish.
7:50pm Lucy and I do flashcards for her sight words. I test her, making her write and spell them on her own. she gets 17/20. we start on the next batch of words. Oli and Louis read a book until the debate comes on.
8:20pm I take the kids upstairs for teeth brushing and books. I read two Halloween picture books to the kids. waiting until tomorrow to start a new chapter book, it's already too late to read much. tomorrow we will start matilda by roald dahl! turn down beds while they brush teeth, set out their clothes and hair stuff for the next day. Oli refuses to brush, I threaten, he lets me do it for him. Louis comes up and gives them kisses goodnight.
8:50pm kids are in bed and asleep. it takes them about 5 mins to get to sleep. we're running late tonight, so they're really tired.
8:50pm I'm downstairs making snowballs for Lucy's school carnival (of which I am the host mom). Snowballs are 2T flour, tied up in a tissue with a string. I have to gather 2500 of them by nov 3rd. I make 200 in the kitchen while listening to the debate. We now have 600 total... hopefully the other parents have done their required 120, so we'll hit our 2500 goal. if not, i'll have to make more.
10pm done with snowballs. get on soccer website, write down all coaches and trophy count for tomorrow. set out beads and string, paper and markers for lucy and her friend to play with on play date, so thelma doesn't have to come up with anything for them to do. set it on the counter with a clear note for thelma. make Lucy's lunch, sign her take home folder.
10:15pm start finishing up the soccer newsletter. yes, i'm writing code (something I taught myself) to be sent out tomorrow. it's being fussy, so i spend an extra 35 mins getting out the kinks. Send a test email, looks good, will wait until everyone else approves, and then will send to all 500 soccer parents tomorrow. get all 500 email addresses together and in the system.
11:15pm take a shower. ahhhhhhhh. my only moment of rest. i turn it up super hot.
11:45pm lay down. head is spinning with stuff to do, so i read a mind numbing book.
12:15am fall asleep

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
6:30am alarm goes off
7:00am get up
7:15am finish getting dressed, spend the next three minutes with the kids over breakfast, reminding thelma about play date.
7:18am leave the house
7:45-11:35am arrive at the office. drink a giant cup of HOT chai. get to work.
11:35am lunch - go by soccer office and pick up 200 trophies for all U6 and U7 soccer players. i will have to meet and distribute these to 26 coaches. get my login fixed for soccer program, get quick tutorial on updating the soccer website. swing by elementary school to pick up cake boxes, so i can bake two cakes by nov 2 for carnival. no one knows where the boxes are and no one who might know is around to ask. so i'll have to stop by another day. run through chick fil a for a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch, i've gained 5 pounds so i have to stop eating the yummy fried one. booooo. get co worker a lemonade - she loves them.
1pm arrive back at the office, 20 mins late. sheesh.
1-5pm eat lunch at desk quickly... boss hates food at the desk. work - put out fires. answer dumb questions. email AGAIN the other mom responsible for the carnival basket. it's due on friday and she hasn't responded to any of my emails for the past two weeks. hopefully she's planning on contributing. if not, i have enough to cover.

We'll see what the rest of the night holds for me. But, I'm hoping for some quiet time! Although I have to get carnival raffle basket together, email other mom (who won't email me back) the things I've bought. I need to finish and send off the newsletter. I need to make sure my canopy for the Book Festival will work. Walk the dogs, and start Matilda!

What life would be like without Thelma, i hope i never know.

I can tell you this... I wouldn't be on the board of two non-profits (well, one now!!), working full time, in the PTO, in charge of big projects for the Elementary, two soccer practices a week, two demanding dogs, and so on and so on. Who has time to blog, workout, eat right, or love on a husband? And hobbies? Pshaw. This, my darling Lucy, is why you cannot take gymnastics right now.